Hı! 🙂

Hello, my name is Denise Davis. I want to tell you what I learned in my pregnancy period.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I felt on top of the world like every mother candidates. But I knew that, pregnancy would brought sacrifices with happiness. Of course, pregnancy brings many good and bad things that can radically change the life of a woman and her husband. Pregnancy can be a life changer for both a woman and her partner.

Therefore, to be prepared for pregnancy is very important. I read a lot of pregnancy books in my pregnancy period. Pregnancy is more than sickness, dizziness and pains. Physical and psychological changes cause some changes in lifestyle and habits.

Pregnant women usually cut their relationships with life and they leave behind their social lives during pregnancy period because they don’t feel themselves beautiful like former.

They gain weight, they go into depression, they think that they cannot be chic and beautiful. Don’t be mistaken and never do this. In my pregnancy period, I learned that these thoughts were wrong and pregnancy came out of this concept. I realized that, pregnancy was not a disease, it was a very enjoyable process.

Which is why I decided to open this web site where you can find a lot of useful pregnancy products from pregnancy books to clothes, to creams, to shoes, to underwear.

I opened this web site because I want to show that mother candidates can be beautiful, chic and well-groomed and every women can spend healthy pregnancy period.

To live every moment of pregnancy fully with your beloved ones.