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Hello, my name is Denise Davis. I want to tell you what I learned in my pregnancy period.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I felt on top of the world like every mother candidates. But I knew that, pregnancy would brought sacrifices with happiness. Of course, pregnancy brings many good and bad things that can radically change the life of a woman and her husband. Pregnancy can be a life changer for both a woman and her partner. Shop Related Products

Therefore, to be prepared for pregnancy is very important. I read a lot of pregnancy books in my pregnancy period. Pregnancy is more than sickness, dizziness and pains. Physical and psychological changes cause some changes in lifestyle and habits.

Pregnant women usually cut their relationships with life and they leave behind their social lives during pregnancy period because they don’t feel themselves beautiful like former.

They gain weight, they go into depression, they think that they cannot be chic and beautiful. Don’t be mistaken and never do this. In my pregnancy period, I learned that these thoughts were wrong and pregnancy came out of this concept. I realized that, pregnancy was not a disease, it was a very enjoyable process.

Which is why I decided to open this web site where you can find a lot of useful pregnancy products from pregnancy books to clothes, to creams, to shoes, to underwear.

I opened this web site because I want to show that mother candidates can be beautiful, chic and well-groomed and every women can spend healthy pregnancy period.

To live every moment of pregnancy fully with your beloved ones.

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy is most pleased times and prime for many women. Mother candidates look forword to take their little babies on their laps. The excitement of pregnancy is very different in every step. How well you plan for pregnancy, sometimes mother candidates may not be fully prepared for all of the changes their body. And to say nothing of psychollogical changes. Knowing what to expect will certainly help the mother candidates get ready for the months ahead. Women have to get positive energy ranging from clothes they wear to the music they listen. If you are pregnant there are some important issues that need-to-know.

During pregnancy, women always see negative changes in their bodies especially in the last weeks of the pregnancy because they gain weight. They know they need to wear comfortable and baggy clothes but at the same time they want to be chic therefore they are demoralized. But there is no need to be sorry. To wear comfortable and baggily clothes don’t mean to dress shabby. On the contrary, a pregnant women can be elegant too with baggily and casual clothes.

Almost, every woman always want to look well-groomed, beautiful and slim. For centuries, women have used body corsets to look thin. Today, the use of corsets is quite common. They continue to use corsets that are produced in various models in order to make them look fine in the flying skirts. Some mother candidades continue to use corsets too when their pregnancies move forward, and their abdomen becomes clear. There are pregnancy corsets which are designed for support for twin pregnancy, mother candidates who had multiple births and have large bellies. These corsets are not produced to cover the weight, to lose weight or to slim appearance.

In pregnancy, one of the most important troubles is back pain, low back pain and pelvic pain. Mother candidates complain for these troubles consitently. There are belly bands which help pregnant women get relief from pelvic, hip, back,waist and sacroiliac pains.  These belly bands minimize spinal strain and at the same time they are great way to correct posture and they support weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy period. They re elastic and fit to every size. They are produced from soft breathable materials and you can wear them comfortably under any clothing. They are comfortable and they don’t block your abilities.

In pregnancy period, shoe choosing is one of the significant factors. Because in pregnancy period feet swell up like balloon. During pregnancy, the water keep in the body, increases and the amount of blood in the vein increases by almost 50%. Therefore, edema may occur in tissues outside the vessel. Depending on the body’s water gathering, relaxin called pregnancy hormone causes swelling of the feet. In addition, the growing uterus (especially in the last months of pregnancy) makes more pressure on the vessels leading to the legs. First of all, comfort of feet and legs of mother candidates are important.

Although there is not enough scientific research on the effects of deodorant, shampoo, and other skin care products on the development of infants, no problems have been reported so far. Skin creams can be used easily. Cocoa and lanolin creams may be used to reduce the formation of skin cracks. Whether the makeup is harmful during pregnancy is one of the frequently asked questions. But; although no study has been conducted on this subject; so far, no negative impact on makeup has been seen. The most important time in the development of the baby is the first three months. Losses in this period are more than the other months, being a little more careful for a short period of time will be beneficial for both you and your baby.

As your belly grows during pregnancy, sleeping and reaching back will be a difficult situation for you because of back and lower back pain increases. You can overcome these difficulties with a pregnant pillow. Pregnant pads (also known as Pregnant Sleeping Pillows) are pillows designed to support a body or part of the body in various shapes and sizes. It’s important that you get a perfect sleep during pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy is very useful, but every pregnant woman should consult her doctor before exercise. If there is no risky condition for your pregnancy, your doctor will allow you to exercise. It is generally recommended to start the exercises after 3 months. Exercise during pregnancy should be done regularly. It is not useful to take a break, sometimes do it and sometimes do not. For this reason, regular exercise should be done on average 3-4 days (2 days) per week. The goal in exercise is not to prevent weight loss, it should not be done for this purpose. An exercise DVD will be useful for you.

During pregnancy, clothing is often a problem for expectant mothers. In this period, you should choose clothes made of cotton and natural yarns that are not too tight and prevent perspiration. This also applies to underwear. Usually, the expectant mother does not need to change the bra size until the fourth month of pregnancy. It is necessary to use a bra during pregnancy. If the breasts are too large and are disturbed at night, a light and comfortable bra can be worn at night. An ideal and useful bra model; should not leave any marks on the skin. There should be large straps to support the breasts and the back of the bra should be wrapped well.  Also, in the first months of pregnancy, the pregnant women can use her daily laundry as her abdomen does not grow. However, when the belly grows, wide-brimmed, elastic panties should be preferred. Here underwears models for pregnant women: During the nine months of pregnancy, there are changes in the blood circulation with hormones. These problems can cause pain in the feet and varicose veins. Experts recommend wearing elastic socks during pregnancy.