Being Pregnant And The Changes In Our Body, In Our Psychology

We don’t know if we feel bad or good about the changes in our bodies. Changing in our bodies is one of biggest concern. The truth is, no matter gained weight because a mother candidate is very beautiful. The question “Can I have my old appearance?” tickled my fancy after birth as well as during pregnancy. One can experience a sense of loss of control.

This kind of thoughts can causes loss of control feeling. Pregnancy and motherhood will undoubtedly cause to reconsider all existing relationships, at least your priorities have changed. Make sure that, who are most affected by your pregnancy process will be your partner and mother and your relationship with them.

Your husband will no longer only be a husband, a beloved, a friend but also he will be the father of your child for you. In my pregnancy duration, I redefined my relationship not as a two-person, but as a three-person relationship. I created an image for him too. If you are pregnant be careful, because you may get depressed when you try to adapt to physical, hormonal and mental changes.

Depression is one of the most common problems during pregnancy and postpartum months. The woman lives this period easier and more enjoyable or more difficult and restless depending on many factors such as her past life, personality structure, relations with her husband, her family and her social circle and the reasons that have an effect on having a child.