Being Pregnant Is To Feel Different Emotions

Believe me, at the first moment you learn that you are pregnant, you feel joy, anxiety, happiness and fear at the same time. Maybe you want to have a child for a long time, maybe you got pregnant when you did not expect.

No matter how much you prepare yourself for this idea, when you hear from your doctor’s mouth that you’re pregnant, or when you see that tiny mist by ultrasound imaging, a worry starts with excitement. Even though I hadn’t taste it before, motherhood was a companionable feeling that I dreamt of. Starting from pregnancy, the mother’s relationship with her baby is not a simple interaction.

Actually, it is a complicated relationship. When I learned that I’m pregnant, I began to contact with my baby. When a pregnant woman learn that there is a living being inside of her she begins to contact with baby, she begins to establish a bond with baby. When baby moves in your body, you attach the baby more. The last 1-2 months progress very slowly. The bond between you and the baby incredibly increase since you start to feel more and more about baby’s movements and kicks.

I had no idea what my baby inside me looked like, he was a stranger to me in fact. Moreover, after birth, we cannot find answers to some questions. Therefore, we try to fill this gap with the paintings, diagrams, imaginations, expectations, concerns and memories we have already created in our minds, in a word, we acquaint the unknown partly.