Pregnant Yoga

Mental And Psychic Effects of Pregnant Yoga

In pregnant yoga classes, I could listen the sounds of slowing and internalization coming from the nature of pregnancy and I used yoga as a tool for renew and transform myself. Meditation and pregnant yoga offers a study on integrity of body, mind and soul. Moving away from the worries, these exercises prepares the expectant mothers to the birth with ...

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Pregnant Yoga Is A Gift To Mother Candidates

Pregnancy is a time of great changes in a woman’s life. Change is in three ways; physical, mental and moral. Yoga helped me to keep these expansions in balance and strengthen the bond that develops naturally, between me and my baby every day. In pregnant yoga, certain postures and pranayama, breathing exercises appropriate for pregnancy, mother candidates experience the basis ...

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Pregnancy Outfits

During the 40-week pregnancy period, mother candidates become more sensitive. Instead of seeing positive changes in their bodies, they get focus at negative points. In fact, pregnancy is not a period to hide behind plenty of clothes, but a process of discovering a different body and new style. Of course, it is possible to look comfortable and stylish while maintaining ...

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