For A Comfortable Pregnancy Pay Attention To My Tips Below

You can make small changes in your everyday life to spend a comfortable pregnancy. For example, meet your vitamin D needs from the sun, cook your meals with iodized salt, walk outdoors, start the day with warm water, do not lock the door of the bathroom and toilet. In the later months of pregnancy, the lungs cannot expand comfortably during breathing, and breathing becomes difficult.

This has happened to me during my pregnancy period. Therefore, pregnant women should stay away from crowded, airless and smoking environments. Avoid tiring movements.

From the third month there will be weight gain, the abdomen will begin to grow. There will be swelling of the feet, legs and arms. For this reason, comfortable, large, sweat-free cotton or combed clothing should not be preferred.

Narrow, synthetic laundry should not be worn as it increases the risk of fungal infection and makes the circulation difficult. Instead of high-heeled shoes, shoes with orthopedic soles should be used.

I always started the day with warm water. You will see the benefits a cup of sugary warm water in the mornings on an empty stomach. To eat raw vegetables and fruit against constipation and hemorrhoids, which develop during pregnancy will be wisely.