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Keep Away From These Cosmetics During Pregnancy

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You should definitely stay away from paraben-containing cosmetics when you are pregnant. Paraben is often used in moisturizers, make-up products, sunscreen, anti-aging products as well as hair care products.

You should also avoid retinoid-containing substances during pregnancy. Retinoid is found in products used in the treatment of acne and is associated with abortion and birth defects.

I suggest you to use sun cream to protect from melasma. But you should also be careful in choosing sun cream. Oxybenzone is often used in sun protection products and if you use it so much, it causes reproductive or developmental toxicity and hormonal disorders.

One of the products that need to stay away in pregnant period is formaldehyde. For your baby’s health you should choose products that do not contain formaldehyde, especially when choosing nail polish and hair dye.

These products are closely related to cancer, reproductive and developmental poisoning. Teeth whitening products can harm your baby while you are pregnant. To protect tooth whiteness during pregnancy, peroxide-free toothpastes must be chosen.

Methylbenzene is among the products that you should avoid when you are pregnant and found in nail products.

This chemical causes developmental toxicity and its harmful has been proven. When I was pregnant, I always took my doctor’s advices for a product that was not harmful to me and to my baby. Please do the same.

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