Mental And Psychic Effects of Pregnant Yoga

In pregnant yoga classes, I could listen the sounds of slowing and internalization coming from the nature of pregnancy and I used yoga as a tool for renew and transform myself. Meditation and pregnant yoga offers a study on integrity of body, mind and soul.

Moving away from the worries, these exercises prepares the expectant mothers to the birth with a pleasant awareness. Researches also prove that yoga decreases stress hormones. Regular yoga practices help to create free, healthy individuals who integrated with their lives, decrease stress-related physical and mental problems. Today, in hospitals, yoga and meditation are applied as a complementary method.

Pregnant yoga brings mother candidates together and provides a beautiful community environment. Difficulties, worries, excitements, births are shared, consciousness is growing. So, healthy mothers, healthy babies and healthy individuals mean healthy communities. Yoga is a workout that supports your pregnancy physically and mentally.

For this reason, you can safely do pregnant yoga from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy. I relaxed when I needed to rest. Do the same and listen to the voice of your body, receive your doctor’s approval and start your yoga sessions when you feel ready. I recommend attending at least two classes per week. In this way, you can feel the effects of yoga more intensely. Bring a casual outfit with you. You don’t have to bring anything. Before yoga sessions don’t eat much and you can drink water during classes.