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Pregnancy Outfits

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During the 40-week pregnancy period, mother candidates become more sensitive. Instead of seeing positive changes in their bodies, they get focus at negative points. In fact, pregnancy is not a period to hide behind plenty of clothes, but a process of discovering a different body and new style. Of course, it is possible to look comfortable and stylish while maintaining your own style.

Since there is not much weight gain during the first three months of pregnancy, the mother can easily wear her previous clothes before she becomes pregnant. A T-shirts, tunics or shirts under the waist, rubber pants or tights may be preferred. In particular, you should stay away from clothes that hold the abdomen tight, because it has a negative effect on your blood circulation. One of the most comfortable clothes that can be preferred during pregnancy is also dresses.

If your belly has grown and your clothes are no longer enough, it’s time to shopping. One of the most important factors that make a garment look beautiful on one person is the pattern. During pregnancy, the most visible change occurs in the abdomen and chest area.

This is why, plenty clothes should be preferred. For In order not to tighten your neck, you should be careful to buy “V” collar of clothes . During this period, your arms, especially your biceps, may thicken and tight-cut clothes may prevent you from moving comfortably. Especially in the upcoming weeks, you should not prefer a narrow pants that squeeze you.

The simplest known method of storing weight is to wear black. Although you want to hide your excess weight during this period, you may not like to wear black dress during this special period. If your weight is in your upper body area, you can prefer your upper garment to be dark and your lower garment to be colored.

The choice of underwear during pregnancy is very important in terms of both health and comfort of the mother candidate. During pregnancy ,the nipples are becoming more sensitive and easily irritated, that’s why you should prefer plenty of milder bras that do not fully wrap the breast.

In the last months of pregnancy, back and waist pains are added, sleepless nights for Mother candidates are start. Well, have you tried using pregnancy pillow during your pregnancy period? Improves the quality of Mother’s candidate’s sleep. It plays a major role in reducing back and waist pains. Reduces edema especially in the feet.

It helps speed up blood circulation. Supports respiration and prevents shortness of breath. The other things that pregnant women should have , waist support tape, water bottle , fan, bra enlargement, poncho.

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