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Pregnant Diet Is An Important Factor

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I paid attention my diet in my pregnancy period very much. Because I know that, to keep balanced diet during pregnancy is important for baby’s health and mother’s health. It is also a factor that will affect the amount of breast milk when you start to breastfeed.

This, of course, does not mean to eat two-person food. The pregnant body uses the calories it has received more effectively than a non-pregnant body. And you do not need to take any extra calories for your baby until the seventh month of your pregnancy. From the seventh month to the birth, you need only extra 200 calories per day. It is best to eat healthy and eat less and frequent during pregnancy.

This diet will also protect you from stomach upsets and acid indigestion during pregnancy. Remember that breastmilk is the best thing you can give your baby in life when you start breastfeeding. What should you eat during your pregnancy?

●   You should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

●   You should eat protein foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, soy and legumes.

●   You should eat various carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals).

●   You should drink milk and take dairy products for calcium (half fat if possible).

●   You should eat green leafy vegetables, meat and lunges for iron.

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