Pregnant Yoga Is A Gift To Mother Candidates

Pregnancy is a time of great changes in a woman’s life. Change is in three ways; physical, mental and moral. Yoga helped me to keep these expansions in balance and strengthen the bond that develops naturally, between me and my baby every day. In pregnant yoga, certain postures and pranayama, breathing exercises appropriate for pregnancy, mother candidates experience the basis of good breathing.

In yoga sessions, the breathing studies that can be used in different stages are shown by an expert. With postures concentration and flexibility are increased with the flexibility of the body, posture is improved, the pelvic region, hip joint are strengthened.

Common back pain complaints during pregnancy are reduced. A regular yoga practice allows mother candidates to have a healthy and cheerful pregnancy like me. Pregnancy is a period in which women have a deep relationship with their bodies and emotions. In this period I had an opportunity to get to know myself better.

Yoga provided for me a suitable environment for recognizing the physical and psychological changes.  I was able to carry it, to accept it and yoga provided comfortable. Your physical strength and flexibility increase in your body by pregnant yoga. Arm and leg muscles gain strength, muscles and connective tissues stretch.