Shoe Is Important In Pregnancy

As the abdomen grows during pregnancy, your center of gravity will move forward. In order to balance this change, I always chose shoes with 2-3 cm heels. In order to balance the center of gravity, the upper part of the body and the back of the head slip back and this new position causes low back pain. Low-heeled shoes will help reduce your back pain.

Flat shoes without heel, such as babette are inconvenient for your foot health, so I suggest you not to choose this kind of shoes. You should avoid very high heels during pregnancy. High heels will be risky in terms of fall especially in the last months because, joint flexibility increases and weight balance changes.

I was mistaken one time and I survived a crisis. If you prefer shoes made of natural materials such as leather for your foot health, you will prevent your feet from airlessness. You should avoid shoes made of synthetic materials, especially nylon. Since it will be difficult to kneel down and rise during the weeks of progressive pregnancy shoes with hook and fastener or zippered shoes should be preferred.

During pregnancy, edema is formed in the feet easily. During shopping, shoes which have extendible, flexible, stretchable features should be bought.