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Sport is Necessary And Unhealthy Habits Should Be Given Up

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I always exercised when I was pregnant. My doctor said to me that physical activity was healthy and it always recommended to be active during pregnancy, but you should avoid certain sports. You must avoid contact sports for example, because they create concrete risks for the health of the fetus.

You should avoid the sports playing with ball, you should avoid fighting sports, high intensity sports. all extreme sports like parachuting. Pregnant women should prefer swimming, hiking, static cycling and yoga. I can say that these sports will relax you, your body and your mind too much.

You have to stop smoking and drink alcohol during pregnancy. You may think that we don’t even have to say this, but it can be difficult for women who have such habits to give up these habits.

As a smoker to give up smoking was very difficult for me but for my baby’s and for my health I had to give up smoking. Besides normally, smoking is a harmful habit.

Smoke and alcohol may cause growth problems for baby, premature births and respiratory diseases. As a result, joys and sacrifices brought by pregnancy can radically change your lifestyle like in my pregnancy. At least, you must suspend some of your habits temporarily.

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