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Tips For Dressing During Pregnancy

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Mother candidates are more sensitive during 40 weeks of pregnancy. I was extreme sensitive too but only in the beginning. Instead of seeing positive changes in my body, I was obsessed to negative points. Then, I learned that pregnancy was not a period to hide behind wide and baggy clothes, it was an exposure period.

I explored a different body and new style. Of course, it is possible to look comfortable and stylish while preserving your own style. In the first three months of pregnancy, weight gain is not high, so the mother candidate can easily wear her clothes in her wardrobe. After first three months, your belly begin to grown and your clothes are no longer enough, it’s time to go shopping. Of course, when shopping you should take care not to buy one or double over sized, loose clothes.

This will show you more overweight than you are. During my pregnancy, flexible pants were necessary for me. The most visible change is abdomen and chest after three months of pregnancy. You should prefer the clothes that are full at upper side or flexible pants. Loose fit from yoke dresses, blouses and tunics will be useful.

Besides, I suggest v-necked or boat neck clothes in order to not to wring your neck. If the fabric of a clothe is not comfortable and expandible such as jersey and combed cotton, arm cutting of the clothe should be wide cut.

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