Watch Your Diet For A Healthy Pregnancy

As a former mother candidate who was attentive to food during pregnancy period, I have some advices to future mothers for a healthy pregnancy. Do you know that, it is not difficult to have a pleasant and healthy pregnancy with simple precautions.

Always to have citrus and green-leaved vegetables on table. I can hear you ask “why?” Because they contain many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, your immune system can be strengthened by these foods and you can protect yourselves from many diseases like upper respiratory tract infection.

My second advice will be vitamins and food reinforced products. I suggest you, especially in winter, to protect your body resistance and to ensure the development of a healthy fetus take vitamin C, iron, calcium and vitamin D, all multivitamins in proper dosage.

During my pregnancy I eat up fish, walnut, almond at least 2 days in a week. Omega3 support for a healthy baby is significant. In addition, for vitamin B support you must eat legume with grilled red meat. I always believe the power of healing teas and I didn’t give up drink healing teas during my pregnancy period, for sure under my doctor’s control.

If your doctor recommends you, you should get vitamin C supplements every day to protect yourselves from flu infections. Sweet craving and junk food cause to gain more weight and you can have troubles. Don’t ever eat this kind of foods.